Goosebump-worthy Onboarding

Embodying the Spin Master mission of "making life more fun," Art+Soul built a vibrant culture-building tool to grab attention and onboard new staff.

Spin Master
Web Design, Internal Brand, Illustration
Jamieson Cochrane

Project Summary

On the heels of our success with the Spin Master 20th Anniversary book, Art+Soul was invited to reimagine the global toy company’s HR manual. A law-of-the-land style manual wouldn't inspire this innovative company's entrepreneurial staff. Instead, Art+Soul created an evergreen, online Thrive Guide, filled with key information and advice from veteran staff on how to hit the ground running. The site contains over 150 unique illustrations that capture the spirit of Spin Master, while piquing curiosity and grabbing attention. Extremely well received, one HR employee exclaimed she was “getting goosebumps imagining how great it's going to be for onboarding new staff!”

Strong cultural fit

Through research and interviews, Art+Soul identified the ideal cultural fit for Spin Master—“self-motivated go-getters, hooked on creativity and innovation." Content was re-organized and re-written to appeal to the perspective of that persona. This way, new staff could quickly get the big picture of what Spin Master is all about and how to fit in.

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