Capturing the Spirit of an Innovator

Spin Master
Culture Building & Book
Tamara Horowitz, Global VP & Executive Producer

Project Summary

Commissioned to commemorate Spin Master's 20th anniversary, this 140-page coffee table book was a huge success. Executives and staff alike point out their favourite parts, laugh about shared experiences, and proudly display personal copies both at home and in the office. Developed in tandem with culture guru and author Jamieson Cochrane, the book captures the company's spirit and history so well that it is now a permanent part of their on-boarding program.

Creating staff engagement

Developing this level of identification and resonance in employees started with empathy and understanding the value of including the perspective of the people involved. Thus, the story of Spin Master unfolds from the perspective of the people who lived it. Quotes, photos, and illustrations all speak to personal experiences that illuminate the human story behind the corporate success.

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