Creating Brand Intimacy

Founder Jim Kupczyk spent years developing the concept and raising funding for Mindful Market. The branding needed to manifest the magnitude and sheer beauty of his vision: to create a truly welcoming one-stop-shop marketplace and online community for people committed to improved health and wellness.

From Woo Woo to Tattoo

The visual identity of the Mindful Market brand needed to create a sense of immediate identification for the core audience who see the path to well-being as a holistic, even spiritual, journey. Simultaneously, the brand must not seem too "woo woo" to a wider, more mainstream market.

A deep dive into the Mindful Market target persona enabled Art+Soul to identify imagery that was familiar and meaningful to the niche market. By embracing these symbolic visuals without fully adopting them, the results felt personal and sacred to some, while remaining neutral yet aesthetically appealing to mainstream consumers.

Extremely well-received, the logo even inspired one customer to request permission to use the logo design for her next tattoo!