Our insights are rooted in empathy.

Our studio is lead by Suzanne Michele Reeves, whose approach is informed by almost two decades in the design industry and degrees in both psychology and fine art. Each project starts with research to understand your audience at a deep level, uncovering what moves them. Our marketing and design solutions are then based on that knowledge, ensuring the results will resonate on a deep level with your core audience.

Conscious Business Love

As ethical, socially-responsible people, we adore our purpose-driven conscious business clients. Our solutions embody your values and help you make a difference.

Culture Pioneers

Working with forward-thinking organizations and HR departments, we create exciting culture-building tools to attract, retain and engage staff with a strong cultural fit.

Bring on the Magic!

We use playful illustrations, expressive hand lettering and engaging animation to delight your target audience and bring your message to life.

find Meaning

We believe in getting to the heart of the matter.

We help our clients clarify objectives and embody values so your ideal target audience will be naturally drawn to your message or campaign. We ensure communication strategy and design will work hand-in-hand to achieve your goals in the most compelling and inspiring way.

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"My heart is bursting...everything turned out far beyond my imaginings. The reception was incredible. One staff member told me 'I love the book even more than my stock options!'"
Jamieson Cochrane, Culture Ambassador, Spin Master Ltd.

Recent work

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Here are a few select projects that exemplify our approach to strategy, design, and generating excitement and engagement. Portfolio >

Goosebump worthy

Embodying the Spin Master mission of "making life more fun," Art+Soul built a vibrant culture-building tool to grab attention and on-board new staff.

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The Red Carpet Treatment

Art+Soul created a playful and polished online annual review for Women in Film & Television Toronto

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A Playful Portrait

Art+Soul captured the lighthearted spirit and culture of the global toy company in this fully illustrated coffee table book

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What does the soul of your business look like?

Art+Soul worked closely with Mindful Market founder, Jim Kupczyk, to build a brand that fully expressed his vision

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Giving Values a Voice

Authentic stories from real employees brought to life MMM Group's corporate values in this vibrant, staff-only site

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When you work with Art+Soul, you reap the rewards of our endless desire to create beautiful and compelling design solutions and to make the world a better place. When you harness the power of our creative team to make your vision a reality, you can be assured we will go above and beyond to ensure your project is done right!



Highly inspiring

“Working with Suzanne, Art+Soul Design, has been a highly engaging, collaborative and inspiring experience—not to mention fun! She brought incredible passion, creativity and marketing acumen to our project, resulting in a high-quality, tailor-made communications tool that went beyond our expectations.”

Heather Webb, Executive Director, Women in Film & Television Toronto (WIFT-T)

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Helps you dig out the "why"

“Suzanne has a natural talent for helping people uncover what really makes them tick, in ways that go far beyond the usual mission statement or a list of values. She helps you dig out the "why"—the unique passion that underlies what you do—and then finds the most compelling ways to tell that story.”

Kirk Clyne, Chief Creative Officer, Art & Science Digital Agency

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Makes your brand a conversation piece

“Art+Soul Design is amazing. Combining graphic arts skills with marketing knowledge they make your brand a conversation piece and a point of connection with your audience—which is infinitely more valuable than just a pretty picture.”

Jim Mondry, Jim Mondry Coaching

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The reception was incredible

“Art+Soul identifies a project's essential messages and uses design elements to communicate them across the entire project...indeed, to the content of each and every page. The Spin Master book turned out far beyond my imaginings. The reception was incredible.”

Jamieson Cochrane, Culture Ambassador, Spin Master

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Double whammy!

“Holy cow—Suzanne gets it—'all' of it! Her design work is fantastic and her customer service is awesome too. Double whammy! I love working with her.”

Amy Murray, President, CRMBloom

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A joy to work with

“Suzanne is a joy to work with. She is a builder of teams, a conquerer of design projects, and an amazingly authentic person. She is committed to the work she does and thoughtful towards those she works with. As a designer and creative thinker, she sees the whole picture and stays true to the underlying messages of a project.

10/10 people would work with this lady again.”

Kendra Boyles, Graphic & Video Designer at WSP

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