Grassroots Corporate Development

As MMM Group prepared to reveal its new strategic plan to a potentially resistant staff, rather than take a "top-down" approach, we* strategically chose to build a platform to house a vibrant collection of online stories that individually and collectively showed how employees already embodied the newly redefined values every day. 

What was your strategy to break past staff resistance?
Shine a spotlight on the achievements of potential resisters, showing how the firm values were inspired by their own actions. Taking a grassroots approach, staff stories were collected, photos taken by employees were integrated into the site, spontaneous man-on-the-street style interviews were shot along with "shout-outs" to fellow staffers. Employees were encouraged to see themselves as active participants in creating the culture.

* This project was completed while Suzanne Michele Reeves was the Creative Director for MMM Group Limited. Design Credit: Kristina Rostorotsky, Kendra Boyles, Melissa Archer, Ratnak Vann, Brian Cass, Fabby Diu, Joanne McLaughlin. Illustration: Melissa Archer, Kendra Boyles, Brian Cass. Copy: Cathy Spark and Matt Brinkman.